Core Activities

Core Activities are focusing on Livelihood and Peace with following problems and issues of the State, Manipur at present :

  • Minority  issues,
  • Ethnic Conflict,
  • Peace and Communal Harmony,
  • Hunger & Poverty ,
  • Economic Dependency,
  • Employment,
  • Welfare & Development of communities
  • Draconian law against Violation of Human Rights,
  • Education,
  • Health & Hygiene : (Mother & Child health,DrugAbuse/HIV/AIDS/TB/Malaria/Cancer and Sanitation),
  • Environment,
  • Gender Violence and other violence against women and children,
  • Agriculture (Food Security and Food sovereignty)

Our pathways:

  • We dedicated to humanitarian services,
  • We promote harmonious state  and non-violence,
  • We improve access to livelihood and peace.
  • We partner with likeminded organizations.
  • We collaborate to bring change and better life.

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