• To  reduce harm,promote non-violence and peace, tackling the issues of Violence & conflict situations such as Arms Conflict, Ethnic Political Conflict, Corruption, violation of Human Rights, violence against women & children,Education and Employment etc.
  • To enhance health for women & children, People with physically challenge persons,Old aged and Senior Citizens.
  • To improve livelihood status of the poor, weakers & backward community ( minorities  in particular ).
  • To encourage employment generation activities and participatory process and create people platform for livelihood and self –sustenance.
  • To create effective education system for the poor / weaker groups of children through promotion of vocational based education and life skills.
  • To Promote farmers on agriculture, livestock and sustainable food Securities and food sovereignty ways and means.
  • To create better environment and promote natural values and human values.
  • To promote the status of health by tackling the problems and issues of HIV/AIDS,T.B.Melleria,Cancer,Drug abuse and other water borne diseases and rendering services for  social health care interventions etc.
  • To build capacity of target groups and stress & strive to realize our vision & mission on a sustainable based.
  • Good governance for promoting local responsibility & initiatives on the thematic areas of interventions.

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