Our Projects

  • Construction of Low cost Sanitary Latrines (CRSP)
  • Double Crops of small farmers and Kitchen garden making in Agriculture
  • Safe drinking Awareness Campaign
  • Skill Development Training on Handloom Weaving and Embroidery and Tailoring
  • Community Based Rehabilitation program for PWDs
  • Women Empowerment project through Promotion of women SHGs
  • Peace Promotion Programmes
  • NGOs Networking for Peace & Development,(LCPP,Gender Violence, Conflict transformation,VAW)
  • Capacity building of grass root NGOs,CBOs,SHGs leaders.
  • System of Rice Intensification Program and double cropping through Capacity building of village Farmers
  • Free Coaching Programme for Poor & Wreakers students
  • Awareness Education Program for welfare of minorities
  • De-addiction and drug users prevention programme and HIV/AIDs Education for Schooling children

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