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NGO Networking : CAPARV  is  being initiated Network activities on  “Local Capacity for peace programme and Development”with various Network Organizations in Manipur since last two years as a part of United NGO Mission-Manipur under EED/ICCO(VDO-Manipur) and taken the following activities through the Networking & Network Organizations in Imphal East Manipur that:-

i) Workshops/Seminar: CAPARV and our networking member organizations was organized various workshop/seminars on different focusing area of programmes as under follows – i.e.

a)  Local Capacity for2 Peace (LCP) Workshop: The Local Capacity for peace (LCP) programs was organized by CAPARV and its network/networking organizations in different vanues of Imphal East District, Manipur.

The main objectives of this programmes is to sensitize the concept of “LCP/Do No Harm” among the locale leaders of the NGOs,CBOs,Pos,Church Organisations,Muhallas and Panchayat Institution etc.under United NGO-Mission Manipur Imphal East Network.

2b)  Workshop program on AFSPA 1958: This program was organized by CAPARV and various network organizations in different vanues of Imphal East District, Manipur.

The main objectives of this programme is to sensitize the impact of AFSPA on Human Rights, and to disseminate information about Arm Forces Special Power Act 1958 (AFSPA) to the local communities by involving local women,youth & students.

6c)   Globalization:  This workshop program was organized by CAPARV in different places of Imphal East district, Manipur.

Main objective of this workshop is to bring an understanding among the local farmers, youth and students on the impact of globalization in our region.

1d) Women Empowerment: CAPARV and our network member organizations was organized various programmes on women Empowerment in different places of Imphal district, Manipur by collaborating with UNMM,Imphal East Network that 1.perspective building of women headed NGOs,2.Gender & Legal aspect 3.Federation   of SHGs and Exposure programme etc.

The above programmes of Network/Networking activities has been achieved that  :-

i)   -  Different ethnic NGOs are emerged in our Network.

ii)  -  Communities are understood the impact of conflict

iii)  – NGOs developed appropriate strategies in development process based on LCP.

iv)  – Co-operation and understanding among the networking /network   organizations.

Peace Promotion Programme: CAPARV was taken the activities of Peace promotion programmes under PPP-Manipur & Nagaland  in different places of the state,Manipur such as –

i. Consultation/m

ii. Workshop on Identification of Problems/issues faced by minority people and,

iii. Seminar on Problems/difficulties faced by minority people in Manipur.

11Consultative/Meetings: CAPARV organized different consultation meetings with different leaders from different Muhallas of the state; Manipur.There was attended different leaders from different Muhallas and P.Os in the consultative meetings.

The main objectives of the meetings is to aware people participation  in consultation/meetings for peace building process in the society, to offer opportunities to the local people to discuss the problems/issues faced by the minorities  in our state,Manipur.

13iii) Workshop on Identification of problems/difficulties faced by minorities in Manipur:

CAPARV organized a two days workshop on Identification of problems/difficulties faced by minorities in Manipur at state Youth Hostel,Imphal on 8th August 2011.The main objectives of this workshop is to mobilize fair representation of minority communities especially leaders of the NGOs,Pos and Muhallas,to share their experience to identify the problems/difficulties and priorities an area to be undertaken peace process in our region, and to sensitize perspectives of the CBOs,Pos and other social Organizations and to share experiences in their difficulties/problems faced. There was participated by different 23 leaders from different organizations in the workshop programme.

iii) Seminar Programme:

CAPARV organized a one day seminar Program on problems/difficulties of  minorities in Manipur under Peace Promotion Programme (Manipur & Nagaland) at state Youth Centre, Imphal on 6th to 7th October 2011. Main objectives of this Seminar is to bring more clarity of problems/difficulties faced by  the people of  minorities in Manipur, to analyse the identified issues  on the table of seminar and discuss the problems.

The main achievements of Peace Promotion Programme were brought the leaders of minority communities in a common platforms and participated public discussions, shared their experiences in the public convocation/discussions.

3. School HIV/AIDS Programme :

CAPARV organized Essay competition, awareness workshop and seminar of school children on HIV/AIDS in 50 schools Imphal East, Manipur. It was sponsorship by MACS and Indian AIDS Consortium. There were 65% of participants (female) and 35% participants (male) from different schools which are running in the area of Keirao Makting Gram Panchayat and Keirao Langdum Gram Panchayat, Imphal East CD. Block –II, Keirao Bitra, Manipur. These programme aims at building of Knowledge about HIV/AIDS infection and prevention of HIV/AIDS among the younger students and to collect feed – back about HIV/AIDS infection to save life of the younger generation.


 i)         Coaching Class of Weaker section:

15A Facilitation  team of CAPARV was conducted a  quarterly vacate coaching  classes for class IX & X of weaker students selected from poor families at Urup Jr.High School,Urup Litan Makhong,Imphal East, Manipur.

Main objectives of the Coaching classes is to help poor/weaker students  both for boys & girls students who are unable appear examination & attend school regularly, and to make  quality of education for the poor/backward students and encourage their interest in education.


CAPARV  was organized various environmental & Pollution control programme in different places of Imphal East,C.D.Block-II,Keirao bitra,Manipur during the period of April to March 2010-2011 that:-

a)     Awareness on Environmental issues of changing climatic conditions in the region: 

18CAPARV organized Awareness on change of climatic condition in our region among the local youth clubs, Mahila Mondels and Students at 1.Phunal Maring village, 2.Yaipharok village, 3.Urup village, 4.Keirao Makting village, and5. Kiyamgei village of Imphal East,C.D.Block-II,Keirao bitra,Manipur during the period of April to March 2010-2011.There was  participated  a total 250 both male and female participants in the programmes.  

b) Plantation of trees:

19CAPARV organized tree plantation programme at Yerum ching of Urup village,Imphal East,C.D.Block-II,Keirao bitra,Manipur.There was involved women SHGs of 22 members .The main objectives of the programme is to plant nursery plants in  hilly areas of Phunal ching and protect trees and preserve forest land, to aware about environmental pollution and climatic changes in the region.

6. Micro Credit Programme:

21CAPARV is being done Micro Credit programme through the activities of the members of SHGs- i.e


Details of the activities:



Activities beneficiaries Amount (Rs)
     1. Vegetable  gardening        5    19,867/-
     2. Poultry        4    21,563/-
     3. Intrepreneurship Development       2,18,000/-
     4. Cow rearing    

7.  Women Empowerment programme through promotion of SHGs:

CAPARV was implemented the project for women Empowerment programme through promotion of SHGs in three villages at Urup,Keirao Makting and Kiyamgei muslim village,Keirao bitra C.D.Block-II,Irilbung,Manipur under Indo Global Social Service Society(IGSSS),Guwahati for one year from July 2005 to June 2006. It has been  so far achieved that:-

22●Initiated Orientation, Workshop and consultation by involving different leaders of Youth  Clubs, Educationist, Muhallahs, Panchayet bodies, and other local leading NGOs on the need for  Women participation in social construction of gender.

● 27 SHGs group including  four men groups of 310 members only 94% women and one Federaton has been formed.

● Enhanced and developed the skill of Muslim women on advanced scientific application on Skill

Training for 50 beneficiaries on:-

   i)  Handloom weaving.     ii)  Tailoring and Embroidery and other entrepreneurship    Skills

24●Induced saving habits into their own accounts and linkaged with the Punjab National Bank, IrilbungBranch, Imphal and Promoted micro credits among the members SHGs.

Provided Economic support to SHGs marginal women/widows for strengthening on their    indigenous occupations and alternative means of sustainable livelihood

Immediate impact of the project:

☻ There has been visible multiplier effect so far as the people’s acceptance of the project is concerned. A number of neighboring village Maring tribe is coming forward to accept the idea of promotion of SHGs  in the process of women empowerment in their own village area.

☻ The common people including from low income groups and backward communities are coming forward to promote the SHGs in their local area.

☻ Women’s groups are getting involved in motivating the men folk to accept the programme approach and it has been able to create a sense of self-respect with self-confidence amongst the women folk by giving importance to the housewives in decision making process for saving habits of  their own income from weaving, Readymade garments, Embroidery productions  and participation in collective works of SHGs etc.and enhanced the pace of women empowerment programmes.

☻ Social barriers of gender biasness in Muslim family and leaders (Imams) of Muhallas  has come down because of Awareness, Orientation, Meeting, through promotion of SHGs and income generating activities by giving economic support. It has been possible to create economic development  and direct employment by generating income from their own trades.

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