Work With Us

CAPARV is being worked with United NGOs Mission – Manipur and played a major role of Convener in Imphal East District as a part of United NGOs Mission –Manipur (UNMM).The main activities of the Network is building capacity of NGOs,C.B.Os, Panchayets,Women groups on Local Capacity for peace(LCP), Peace Building,Gender,Conflict transformation, Globalization, Women Empowerment and Advocacy etc. We are stressing to strengthen the district Network programmes with member NGOs, Associate member NGOs, C.B.Os, P.Os and student organizations etc.

We are actively involved in the activities of Manipur Alliance for Child Rights and carried out various activities on Child Rights movement and child trafficking issues in the state since 2005.We involved National Campaign against exploitation and injustice against children and Right to education of children and Participated NAFRE movement etc.

CAPARV has been recognized by the State Welfare Department, Government of Manipur in the year 1995 and it has been involved various activities on prevention of Drug abuse programmes and protection of child trafficking and exploitation and injustice against right to life of children.

CAPARV get involved to Volunteering services for Vulnerable Cancer Patients in Manipur with Cancer Patients Aid Association,India,Anand Niketan,Mumbai.

We stretched out tremendous activities through NGOs Network towards the struggle of bringing a better earth and change society.

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